New Rates for Connect Painters marketplace has rolled out new rates for a limited time only!

The Connect Painters marketplace – where painters go to bid on real jobs – has been connecting painters with jobs for a while now. Since it’s been so successful in several markets we are ready to expand across the entire USA. To facilitate this rollout we are offering new low rates for a limited time only.

$99/month for painters/subcontractors

That’s right, only $99/month gets you into the marketplace and allows you to bid on as many jobs as you can handle! It’s so easy to use that even cranky old master painters can do it on their phones. All you do is sign up, connect with some general contractors and painting companies, and wait for them to post new jobs. After they do, you will get an email with a notification that there are new jobs for you to bid on. Click in the mail and you are taken to the description of the job, complete with photos and all the details. Bid on the job right there on your phone, no matter where you happen to be. Or, take your time, do some math and then bid later, when you have the time. Bid in the morning, during lunch, after work, or in the middle of the night. It doesn’t matter! No more phone calls negotiating with a pushy general contractor while you are in the middle of a delicate painting job. $99 is less than you would pay for a month of buying leads. And mid you, those are only leads, you may never even get a chance to bid on, much less win the job. And $99 is so low, that you will easily pay for it with the first job you paint. 

Save More With the Yearly Plan

Buy a whole year and get unlimited bids for 12 months at only $999/Year. Do the math. It’s basically two months for free! A whole year of jobs for a laughably low price!

$149/month for Painting Companies and General Contractors

You’ve got walls to paint and you need professional painters. Use the Connect Painters marketplace and save yourself a whole lot of time and aggravation. You can post your job and it will automagically send out emails to all your connected painting subcontractors. They can easily log in and bid on your jobs. Post one, post two, post as many as you have all for the one low price of $149/month.

If you own a painting company and you’ve landed a huge job with tight deadlines and you don’t have a big enough crew to cover it, post your job to the Connect Painters marketplace and let the bids roll in. Find a painter or a crew to help you out when you need them. It’s worth $149/month just to avoid having to deal with all the nonsense (to put it nicely) that you would attract if you ran an ad on Craigslist. Ugh! The scams! The conmen! And the guys who never painted a wall in their life who all want to call you and expect to get hired. No more of that!

Save More With the Yearly Plan

Only $1499/year Get two months free and your rate locked in for the year! If the monthly introductory rate goes up in a few months (and it probably will) you’ll still be in for the year at no extra charge! This is peanuts for a busy general contractor who doesn’t want to spend all day tracking down painters.

Save Now and Reap the Savings!!!