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Connectpainters is a leading platform connecting painting companies with qualified painting contractors. Sign up today to get access to 35,000 highly vetted and fully licensed 1099 painters!

Why Hiring 1099 Painters is Challenging

1099 painters are a fantastic way to maintain a flexible, dynamic, and low-cost painting business. However, when you need a contract painter, it’s a struggle to find a qualified candidate. Usually, you end up wasting valuable time, energy, and money on low-quality candidates. Unfortunately, the outdated hiring practices that most businesses rely on aren’t cutting it anymore. That’s where connectpainters can help!

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Hire Qualified Painters Easily

Finding contractor painters is a hassle when you don’t know where to look. With connectpainters, you always have access to a reservoir of qualified talent whenever you need an extra pair of hands. You get the benefits of having additional manpower without the costs of maintaining a large team on your payroll. Within just a day of posting a job opportunity, you’ll have a long list of best-fit applicants to choose from.

Why Work With connectpainters?

We’re not the only painter marketplace in existence, so why should you work with us? Great question! Here are a few reasons why painting businesses of all sizes have been trusting our platform to supply them with qualified 1099 painters.

Affordable Prices

Running a painting business isn’t cheap. No matter what kind of work you specialize in, you’re always re-investing into management, materials, and labor. At connectpainters, we understand just how challenging it is to maintain a strong cash flow which is why we’re committed to keeping our prices low. Painting businesses of all sizes can easily afford access to our platform to find qualified, talented, and available 1099 painters.

Our Pricing

Finding the right painters for hire shouldn’t cost a fortune. And with connectpainters, it doesn’t! Through our platform, painting businesses can easily get in touch with qualified 1099 painters to handle whatever projects come their way. We’ve created two different pricing tiers to ensure businesses with any budget size can find an option that works for them.

Connectpainters Advanced

This package is designed for small-to-medium size painting businesses that need to dip into the 1099 bucket every once in a while. Despite being an “entry-level” package, you still get an impressive bang for your buck. You’ll be able to post an unlimited number of painting jobs for a low monthly fee. Yes, unlimited! It doesn’t matter how many different hires you need to make. You’ll have full access to the connectpainters pool of talented contract painters.

Connectpainters Premium

If you’re a larger painting business with quick turnaround times, this is the perfect package for you. On top of unlimited job postings, you get a featured spot at the top of the job postings pages. This way, your job opportunity is the first thing painters will see, drastically increasing the number of quality applicants you receive. You’ll be able to find the precise talent you need quickly and effectively. Next to all of this we will also promote your profile on our websaite that will allow you to receive unlimited quote request from consumers looking for a painting company!!

Variety of Expertise

Every painting project you tackle requires a different set of skills and expertise. Through connectpainters, you get access to a wide range of qualified contractor painters that represent a dynamic variety of experience, talents, and capabilities. Whether you’re handling a small indoor painting project that focuses on precision or a massive outdoor project that requires exterior expertise, you’ll find exactly what you need on our platform.

Massive Pool of Talent

Connectpainters is the largest painting contractor marketplace in the country with over 35,000 fully licensed and qualified 1099 painters ready to help you nail your next project! When you sign up to the platform, you get full access to this massive pool of talent, ensuring you’ll find the precise 1099 painters you need to get the job done correctly. Plus, new members are signing up every day which only increases the number of options you have!

List of Contractors willing to do your job

Simplified Hiring

Hiring 1099 painters is costly, time-consuming, and a downright pain…at least using outdated hiring strategies. Connectpainters flips the old hiring process on its head by keeping painting companies connected with tens of thousands of talented contract painters who are always looking for work. All you have to do is create a job post and viola! You have a qualified list of candidates. None of the headaches or hassle of normal hiring and with better results!

Find the Perfect Painting Professionals Today

The success of your painting business is directly linked to the quality of the painters you employ. With connectpainters, you have access to over 35,000 qualified and licensed 1099 painters ready to assist you with any project. Sign up today to find the perfect painting professionals for your needs today!

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