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Whether you are a painter, a painting subcontractor, or run a painting crew and you’re struggling to find enough work, we are here to help you. We know that finding painting jobs is not easy as buying leads from lead providers. This can be a very expensive way of building your painting company. Signup to our system and start applying on local already sold job. You can start working within the next 24 hrs.

ConnectPainters is here to make finding painting jobs as easy as possible!

High-Paying, Local, & Personalized Jobs

At connectpainters, it’s our mission to help talented painters find routine work with reputable clients. Our platform is the best place to look for your next job!

Our Pricing

We believe all painting subcontractors should be able to find a job whenever they want to work. That’s why we’ve created two different pricing tiers so every painter can afford to access our job-connecting solutions.

Connectpainters Basic

This is the perfect solution for contractor painters who are just getting started or who aren’t in need of a job immediately. At a reasonable monthly rate, you can still apply for an UNLIMITED amount of job posts. Yes, you read that right! There’s no limit to how many applications you can send to potential employers. Plus, if you need more hands for a large project, you can easily upgrade to advanced and you can post your own jobs to find other 1099ers to help out.

Connectpainters Premium

If you’re a larger painting business with quick turnaround times, this is the perfect package for you. On top of applying unlimited for jobs, you get a featured spot at the top of every city you are active in. This way, your company profile is the first thing consumers will see, drastically increasing the number of quality quote requests you will receive. You’ll be able to find the correct customer that will be looking for your special talent.


Basic Subscribtion $99/month – Unlimited applications!

For a subscription fee of $99/month, you can apply on as many jobs as there are available in your area. You know that buying leads will cost you a whole lot more. Sometimes it’s like a hundred bucks just to get a lead that they already sold to 10 other painters and the chance that you will get the job is slim at best.

The ConnectPainters marketplace provides you with a stream of jobs from painting companies and general contractors who are looking for you. For about the price of one of those lousy leads from some other place, you apply on as many jobs as you want every month.

No more hunting through Craigslist for jobs and wondering if they are legit.

Jobs at Connect Painters
Jobs on Connect Painters

Using our painting marketplace, you can bid on jobs in your area quickly and easily right from your phone. You will get email alerts when new jobs are posted in your area. There will be a link in that email so you can go directly to the job posting and check it out. There should be enough information about the job for you to place a bid right there on your phone. If your bid is accepted the company will contact you about any further details and you can get to work. After the job is done, you can log in and send the painting company an invoice. We’ve even simplified that part for you!

Real Jobs!

Painting companies and general contractors that don’t have crews or need more people for a job have already signed up with us and are posting their jobs here because it’s so much easier for them, too. These include both residential painting and commercial painting jobs. They upload all the specs for a job. You only need to take a look and put in your bid. Then, you paint! If you have a bad experience with a company or contractor you can disconnect from them and never have to work with them again.

Why do so many painters struggle to find work?

If you’re having trouble finding gigs as a painter, you’re not alone! It’s a common issue among freelance painters. But, we’ve got some great news. There are plenty of job painting job opportunities. Unfortunately, there’s a massive gap between painters searching for jobs and companies and homeowners looking to hire painters. That’s where connectpainters can help!

Industry-Leading Painting Job Marketplace

We specialize in offering painters online jobs from a wide range of reputable companies. Our platform connects painters with high-paying local gigs and those in need of 1099 painters with available talent. It’s a win-win! Hundreds of painters have already successfully landed their next job, and we’d be honored to help you next!

Why Use connectpainters?

We’re proud to have more than 35,000 contractors currently on the connectpaitners platform. Wondering why so many painters find it worthwhile? Here’s why:

Jobs at Connect Painters

Track Record of Success

Hundreds of freelance painters have successfully found new gigs through the connectpainters platform. Over the years, we’ve developed proven strategies for helping painters find, apply for, and complete jobs. If you’re ready to spend less time job-seeking and more time actually painting, we’ve got you covered!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The last thing you need when searching for work is another empty promise. That’s why we stand by our commitment to helping painters find jobs. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the connectpainters platform, you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked! That’s just another way we put our client’s success first.

Variety of Jobs

Every painter is looking for something different when on the job search. Some people want to focus on indoor painting while others prefer exterior gigs. Some need a short-term project while others want long-term work. Some are okay with entry-level pay while others would rather hold out for higher pay. You get it. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can find it here.

Premium-Quality Clients

We’ve already done all the legwork by weeding out low-paying or dishonest clients so you can rest assured you’re applying to serious, high-paying, and transparent clients. This way, you can spend much less time looking for a job and more time actually getting paid. Our vetting process is highly rigorous, ensuring only the best clients can post on connectpainters.

Get Helping Hands

Wish you had an extra pair of hands to tackle a larger project? Now you can! Through our platform, you can create your own job post after accepting a big project to get some additional support. You’re in charge of choosing how many people you need and how much you want to pay! This ability drastically increases the number of projects you can take on.

Your Next Job is a Few Clicks Away

On the lookout for painting jobs online? You’re in the right place! At connectpainters…well, we connect painters with top-tier companies and individuals with painting projects. Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig or a long-term contract, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on our platform. Sign up today to get started.