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The Connect Painters team
The Connect Painters Team

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After running mutliple local painting companies, we realized quickly how hard it is to find good painters or painting contractors, that not only have the skills needed, but also the correct insurance and licenses to avoid problems down the road. Not only did we encounter these issues we also found out that our subcontractors where having problems finding the right painting companies that offers them quality jobs and most of all pays them on time

Our Solution –

With our unique background in internet software development, we recognized an opportunity to improve the home and commercial painting industry and went to work. is the painter’s marketplace, an answer to the dilemma of connecting subcontractors with painting jobs. allows every painting company to post their painting jobs that will be matched to vetted and reviewed local painting subcontractors to help them complete the job so that the customer is satisfied.

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It’s so easy to use that construction guys can handle it on their cell phones. Once a painter has signed up, all they have to do is wait for an email telling them there’s a job available in their area. Then, they just click the link and bid on the job. It’s that easy! After being awarded the job and the job is done, the painting subcontractor can send their invoice via the system to the Painting Company or General Contractor with a few clicks to get paid quicker.

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Painting companies only have to post their jobs and then wait for the bids to roll in. They can rest assured that the contractors are good by looking at their experience, proof of insurance, and licenses. If a painter needs to have insurance, that information is right there, plain as day. You decide which bids to accept or reject. There’s little or no time-wasted or red tape to wade through. Just post the job, accept a bid, and you’ve got your painting subs.

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Our user-friendly model of software design will revolutionize how you handle painters or painting subcontractors.