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What to look for when hiring painting companies in Texas.

When you’re looking to hire painters in Texas, you’re not just searching for any run-of-the-mill painter. You want the best of the best. But, with seemingly countless options, how do you know which is the best? Here, we’ll highlight some important factors to look for when hiring painters in Texas.


One of the first things to consider when hiring a painting business in Texas is business registration. The Lonestar State requires all businesses to be properly registered for tax purposes. You can easily look up a business name on public registries in Texas or simply ask the company for proof of their registration.


Another major component to consider when hiring painting companies in Texas is insurance. Painters in Texas are required to have liability and health insurance. These protect both the painter and you as the consumer. You should request proof of all relevant insurance before working with a provider.

Don’t forget about local requirements.

Understanding Texas’ requirements for painters is only part of the consideration when looking for Texan painters. You still need to take into account local requirements on a city or county level. There are a whopping 254 counties comprising Texas! Knowing that your painting company is meeting local rules and regulations is just as important as focusing on state-level requirements.

Reputation Components


Experience is one of the most crucial components that makes an excellent painting company. This means they’ve had time to perfect their skills, hire the right professionals, and acquire the best tools.

Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials from prior clients are an effective way to figure out what you can expect when working with a painter without actually spending the money first. You should only work with companies with a majority of positive reviews.

Customer Service

When you’re interacting with a potential painting company, you want to make sure you feel as though your needs and wants are coming first. A painter that treats customers with unbeatable customer service translates into excellent work.

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Do painters need a license in Texas?

Unlike other states, Texas doesn’t have any specific license requirements for painters. This means a perfectly legitimate company can operate in the state without any form of a professional license. However, some counties or cities might have their own licensing requirements, so it’s important to know the rules that apply to your local area.

Do painters need insurance in Texas?

No, Texas does not requires painters to have the proper insurance to operate legally for residential painting activities. For commercial paining jobs insurance is required

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