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What to look for when hiring painting companies in Alabama.

If you’re on the hunt for painters in Alabama, you don’t want just any provider. You want a business you know will do an amazing job! Of course, that’s easier said than done in such a large state with an endless supply of painters. How do you make sure you’re working with a legitimate, quality company? Here, we’ll explore some specific factors to look out for when hiring painters in Alabama.


In Alabama, painting companies are required to have insurance to protect themselves and their customers against accidents, mistakes, and other issues. You should make sure the company you work with has proof of general liability insurance which covers a wide range of incidences and circumstances.


Everyone knows you need a license to drive, but not many people are aware of contracting licenses. Alabama requires painting companies to have the Alabama and Wall Covering Contractor license when bidding on projects valued at over $50,000. On top of that, painting businesses need to pass the Alabama Business and Law Exams.

Business Registration

Another important thing to look out for when hiring painting companies in Alabama is business registration. All companies need to register with the government officially before conducting business. You can find this information on public registries or simply ask the business to provide proof of their registration.

Don’t forget about county specifics!

The state of Alabama isn’t the only governmental body that determines what kind of regulations painting businesses must adhere to. There are 67 counties within the state each of which applies its own rules and regulations. When looking for a local painting business, you should brush up on these local rules and make sure you work with businesses in line with them.

Reputation Components


An experienced painting business is one that’s proven its skills, talents, and qualifications by staying in business for so long. Customers have essentially given their seal of approval by continuing to use their services. At least a few years is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Customer Reviews

You should check out Yelp, Google, and other review sites to see what previous customers are saying about the painters you’re considering. This is the best way to determine what it might be like to hire a professional without actually having to spend the money.

Customer Service

Customer service is a good factor to consider when choosing a painter in Alabama because it’s indicative of the painting services you’ll receive. Generally, businesses that offer the best customer service also provide fantastic painting services.

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Do painters need a license in Alabama?

Yes, painting businesses are required to have a license in Alabama.

Do painters need insurance in Alabama?

Yes, Alabama demands that painters have the proper insurance to protect both painters and consumers.

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