Connect Painters Your Job Bidding Marketplace

Where Painters Go To Find Real Jobs

Connect Painters has a whole new concept in the painting industry. The age-old problem of painting companies and general contractors looking for good reliable painters and painting subcontractors struggling to find work has finally been simplified. Connect Painters has an online marketplace where painters can find real jobs to bid on and painting companies can post their jobs where professional painters can bid on them.

Innovation Born To Solve Real Problems

painter looking at wall scratching his head

Born out of the frustrations of a startup painting company and fueled by the software development skills of a recent transplant from Europe during the COVID pandemic, has been launched.

According to the US Census Bureau there were 139 million homes in the US in 2019, a number that is certainly higher today. Around 10 % of them get painted in a given year. That’s 13.9 million homes to paint. Add in the commercial painting sector and there’s plenty of work to go around.

Following months of futile searching on Craigslist, it became clear that the usual way of finding painters wasn’t working well. After thousands of dollars wasted buying leads and advertising online, finding jobs for painting crews was becoming a money-losing battle. Clearly, it was time for a new approach.

Connect Painters Is Launched

Enter Connect Painters with an online software solution. Painting companies and general contractors who have work that needs to be done, post their jobs on the online marketplace. Emails go out automatically to all the connected painters and subcontractors in the area. Painting subcontractors looking for work receive the emails and log in to the system to bid on the jobs. It’s that easy. So easy that even construction guys wearing hard hats can do it. Skilled painters can decide for themselves if they want to bid on a job or not. The only tool they need is their smartphone! 

General contractors no longer have to keep a log list of painting subcontractors and then call each one every time they have a new job that needs painting. No more applying pressure on a sub to take a job or bullying them into doing it for a lower rate. Just post the job and select one of the bids and come in. GCs can see right away if a sub has his insurance and licenses up to date and is ready to work.

Painters can decide for themselves what kind of jobs to take. If they only want to take on commercial painting jobs, that’s fine. If they only want to bid on home exterior work, that’s fine, too. It’s up to the subs what jobs they want to take and they don’t have to stop painting to answer the phone all the time in order to negotiate with anyone. Solves the Problem is there 24 hours a day. Painting companies can post jobs in the middle of the night if they want to, and painters can wait until they’re done for the day before they go online and bid on a new project for next week. It’s easier and more relaxed than any other way of finding work.

Kris K

“I can’t believe how easy it is to use the marketplace,” said Kristopher K, a painter in Colorado Springs, Colorado, “I just click the link in the email and I can see everything I need in order to bid on a project. I love how easy it is to send an invoice to the painting company when the work is done. I get paid every time!”

If you want to sign up and participate in the Connect Painters marketplace, just click the button below and get started. We are open to new painters, subcontractors, general contractors, and painting companies. If you’ve got jobs that need painters or if you are a painter looking for work, you need to sign up for this service.

Prices Are Low, So Jump In Now Before They Go Up

Painters can sign up for only $99/month. That pays for itself with only 1 job! You can bid on as many jobs as you want. It’s a bargain!

General Contractors and Painting companies pay only $149/month. Considering the reduction in time and hassle this is a steal! You never have to call up a list of painting subcontractors, send them the specs, and keep reminding them to put in a bid. Just upload it once to the Connect Painters marketplace and wait for the bids to roll in.

With this kind of unbeatable pricing and functionality, every painting pro should be part of the Connect Painters marketplace. Sign up today and reap the rewards!