Colorado Loves Connect Painters

A Colorado-based house painting company was having a hard time finding good subcontractors to do the work. They had won a bid to paint some kitchen cabinets in Thornton, CO (a suburb of Denver) but didn’t have a spare crew to paint the job. They signed up with Connect Painters and very quickly found a suitable subcontractor.

This subcontractor had loads of talent and skill but was having a hard time finding good-paying jobs. They tried CL and some lead selling companies, but they weren’t very good at estimations and sales. They signed up with Connect Painters and within days their bid on those kitchen cabinets was accepted.

The subcontractors went in and did an excellent job! Everyone was very happy with the job and the subs left with money in their pockets!

“It’s the easiest way to find subcontractors ever!” the job foreman for the painting company said.

“It’s a really easy way to get jobs.” said the painters.

“I love the way my newly painted kitchen cabinets look!” said the homeowner.